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Breathing Space Scheme

The Breathing Space Scheme is a program within the UK that offers temporary relief to those struggling with debts. In this article we will be covering the different types of Breathing Space Scheme on offer, and who is eligible to receive them.

breathing space scheme

Standard Breathing Space Scheme:

For up to 60 days, creditors can not take most enforcement actions against you. This could include contacting you about debts or adding on interest and charges to your accounts. By having this scheme, it can help you to feel relief from the constant stressful pressure. Whilst the debts are on hold, you can also receive free debt advice from a qualified professional. They can help to assist you with any budgeting, understanding the options available and help to negotiate with your creditors.

You can eligible for a Breathing Space Scheme if you:

-Live within England or Wales

-Have a qualifying debt

-Do not have a Debt Relief Order, Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Interim Order or are not an undischarged bankrupt at the time that you apply.

-Have not already taken Standard Breathing Space in the last 12 months

Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space:

This scheme starts off as the same as the previous, but helps by providing additional protection. This appeals to those that are currently going through mental health treatment, and support can last longer then the standard 60 days. You are only eligible to this type of debt protection if:

-You have been detained under the mental health act

-Been removed to a place of safety under the mental health act

-If you are receiving crisis emergency or acute care from a specialist service for a mental disorder of a serious nature. This might be a crisis home treatment team, liaison mental health team, community mental health team or any other specialist mental health crisis service.

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