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Envelopes lay unopened, phone messages go unreturned and there's a constant feeling of dread. Sound familiar? Insolvency is not a process anyone would go through lightly, but if you think your business is in difficulty, you should call us as soon as possible. 


We won't just look back and examine your mistakes but look forward and help you face the future, even if it seems a bit hazy right now. Contact us early and we might be able to salvage the situation. We guarantee to support you through what we recognise is a stressful time in an understanding and professional manner.


The initial consultation is free and confidential for you to explain your situation fully and frankly. Then we'll provide an honest yet sympathetic assessment of the options open to you. The rest is up to you. If a plan of action is agreed we'll help you through the process and hopefully get you trading again. 

About Stephen Silver

I have worked within the insolvency profession for more than 40 years supporting individuals as well as business owners tackling various financial problems. I feel I am the person you turn to when these difficulties appear impossible to resolve and hopefully I can alleviate the stress caused.


Clients come to me when they are facing insolvency and are often highly stressed and under huge pressure from many directions. I have the ability to take charge of the situation and help you "to see the wood from the trees".


My philosophy is simple, that is to assist people to find an affordable way to deal with debts so that they can focus on other priorities.

I love solving credit management problems and to significantly improve cash collection. As my father likes to remind me “Look after the pennies, so the pounds can look after themselves”. 

Additionally, I have an extensive contact book of professionals who specialise and advise on negotiated settlements during the consultation process.

Say goodbye to stress and look forward to stability by contacting me today. I offer a free consultation.

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